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‘Hospitality World Expo 2011’ – Chocolate Galore

Held at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore from 23rd-25th June, 2011, Lotus Chocolate was amongst the premium hospitality brands at the Hospitality World Expo 2011, showcasing their world-class product range. Live demonstrations by Lotus chefs coupled with delectable display of both the industrial and consumer range of chocolates were some of the event highlights!


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Back To School…

It’s back to school time! With schools and colleges across the country soon starting a new academic year, the students, parents and teachers alike are preparing themselves for the season. After the two-month vacation, everyone is adjusting to the new academic year with new fangled hopes and aspirations. Wading off traffic may be concern to some but on the whole the entire goal is to rediscover the school going spirit! Fragrance of new books in pristine condition will ooze out from your bag and so how about adding a chocolate flavor to it?

To encourage and embrace the ‘schools days,’ we have set up select kiosks in school canteens and in other locales surrounding schools, especially in most metros. If you are in Bangalore, you can head to St. Johns High School premises to be welcomed by a flurry of Lotus products. Are they expensive? Never. The most popular ones are priced at Rs. 5 and below. You can relish our signature and the most popular brand, Chuckles at Rs. 2. On & On, Eclairs and Kajoos are also priced at a minimal rate, as we believe in delivering happiness!

Get set to embrace the new season with chocoholic fun. And remember to embrace it the ‘desi’ way!

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