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Lotus Chocolate creates some of the fine cocoa products

Lotus Chocolate creates some of the finest cocoa products and cocoa derivatives including chocolates, available in India today. With a long history of twenty three years (Since 1989), and having mastered the know-how to craft quality chocolates, Lotus brings forth a string of Choco treats all of which can match the likes of any brand available worldwide.

Its presence in the industry for such a span of time and also having created subsidiaries which supply most of the raw materials internally allows Lotus to source its raw materials easily and minimize its involvement of third parties in the manufacturing process thereby making the chocolates more economical and sustainable. The monitoring process for quality assurance is further simplified.

The Lotus mission is “to constantly reinvent, innovate and implement ideas. Create finest quality, world class, value for money products through continuous research to deliver the best.” Lotus Chocolates are as serious as passionate about their chocolates which reflects in its many products. The company aspires to better themselves in the years to come by being innovative and through continuous research to deliver the best to keep the customers satisfied. Lotus Chocolates assures to leave a smile of savored happiness on your face.

The machinery and technology used today at Lotus Chocolates have been brought in from European countries such as Germany, UK, Denmark and Italy. They also use the same stringent quality processes which are practiced by their European counterparts and also ensure that the chocolates are developed with its own unique flavor.
Lotus Chocolates believe that the customer should be able to experience the quality and palatability of the chocolate which would make all the hard work put in to make these fine products worthwhile.

Lotus Chocolates believe in making a difference. Their claim is that “we are truly in the business of pure joy”, which means that they expect their customers to feel the delight with every bite they take into a lotus chocolate bar.

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