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The Many faces of Chocolate

Over the ages, the Cocoa tree and its by-products have been used for its many unique properties by many different cultures.

Ancient tribes carried and exchanged cocoa beans as a form of currency . In Mexico, many tribes till date apply cocoa, as a general antiseptic, to treat wounds and even snake bites!

In moderation dark chocolate is known to be good for the heart, skin and brain!

Research has shown that rich dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, what a lovely excuse for school and college students to consume some before examinations! Not to mention working executives who can pop in a small piece before an important Board-meeting!

Cocoa butter is rich, creamy and aromatic. Anyone who uses it will not be able to deny that it them and those around them in a very good mood! 😉

Chocolate as an aroma itself is used in Perfumes and Spa-treatments primarily for its mood-enhancing characteristics..

By improving blood circulation, cocoa helps fight fatigue making you more alert and efficient.

Many people do not know this but cocoa also contains health-enhancing antioxidants.
Many in European nations consume ‘hot chocolate’ before going to bed, in order to keep the body warm during colder months.

An extract of cocoa has recently been found to be more effective that in fluoride in fighting tooth decay! This news is sure to bring joy to many children (and adults!) around the world.

It is one of the most powerful herbs available to mankind being as delicious as it is therapeutic.

Josephine “Jo” Grace Brand an English stand-up comedienne once said “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” and Boy! Was she right!

After realizing all the wonderful beneficial properties of chocolate, It is safe to say that Lotus Chocolates is in the business of healing Mankind 🙂

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History of chocolate

Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” by John Q. Tullius

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ bar of chocolate?

Many may not be aware that our favourite flavor – chocolate originally started out as a beverage. Later it was used as an ingredient to ‘better’ the taste of food.

Back in the day, Aztecs (ethnic group of Central Mexico) used this wonderful crop as a beverage, known as “Chocolatl” for sacred ceremonies. Chocolate was also known to the Mayans who too served it at royal and religious ritual events. Milk and Sugar were unknown the Aztecs. The Europeans, in order to reduce cocoa’s bitter taste, began adding sugar and milk to this ancient mixture.

This intense bitter taste, it needs to be fermented, dried and then cleaned to obtain the cocoa nibs. These are ground and are processed into cocoa solids and cocoa butter. White chocolate does not have cocoa solids but does contain cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

The first ever chocolate bar was made in 1847 with components such as cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

Presently, cocoa bean is grown, within the hot and humid belt, 10 to 20 degrees North and South of the Equator. With the spread of chocolate’s popularity, Europeans began establishing plantations around the world within these regions. That is why despite cocoa originally being from the Americas, Africa produces as much as two-thirds of the world’s cocoa.

There are chocolate lovers everywhere, and chocolate makers around the world
Lotus chocolates ( are one of India’s select manufacturers of cocoa products and chocolates. Due to the fact that Lotus Chocolates follows stringent quality processes for all their cocoa products and is equipped with top class German, English and Italian machinery – Cadburys, HUL, GlaxoSmithKline, Britannia, Amul etc. approach Lotus Chocolates for its fine produce.

Lotus Chocolates is constantly looking out for new and innovative ways to maintain standards so as to ensure “Quality in every bite”

To know more about how chocolate is made –

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