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“Chocolate” a symbol of Joy

Chocolates. You have got to love em. All the varieties whether Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, all are available with fillings like nuts, liquor even artificial flavors like coffee, caramel and marzipan. They are and always will be a symbol of love and togetherness.

The scientific name for cocoa is Theobroma cacao derived from the Greek words ‘Theos’ and ‘broma’ which translates to ‘Food of the Gods’, and what better gift from the gods than a fruit which brings people together.

It is said that eating chocolate is one of the most pleasurable things in the world. It takes two to four days to make a single serving chocolate bar but a mere moment to enjoy it.

Chocolates are probably one of the most popular gifts for children and adults alike. They are great for all occasions. It may be an informal yet personal gift.

In India, during special occasions and festivals, many present each other with boxes of sweets. Chocolates have slowly found their way into these traditions as well. Whether it is a Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, chocolates are a must. Chocolates bring people together, whether it be new beginnings or re-building old relationships.

Back in the day, Spanish royalty even presented cacao cakes in their dowries when two families were brought together in holy matrimony.

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For those of you who want to express your feelings to a loved one, what better way than to present them with an assortment of the finest quality dark or rich white chocolate?

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Chocolate for your Health!

Chocolate over ages has always been labeled as an ‘unhealthy’ food item, but eaten in moderation can prove to easily fit into a healthy, balanced diet.

It has often been associated with obesity and acne. Many believe that chocolates can even trigger migraines. However, not ALL chocolates are the same. Thanks to chemicals found naturally in cocoa, certain chocolates are considered ‘healthy’. Of course it isn’t a guilt free pass to the candy store! Yet it is important to realize that with a higher concentration of cocoa there is a proportional increase in the health benefits of the treat. Chocolate not only improves mood and releases ‘feel good’ hormones – endorphins but also is known to reduce blood pressure, especially dark chocolate which has larger amount of calories but lesser sugar content than milk and white chocolate.

Despite people’s beliefs, chocolate actually contains surprisingly small amounts of caffeine, almost the same as a cup of decaf (decaffeinated coffee) would have. However it does contain Theobromine which is a much less powerful relative of caffeine.

Cocoa contains high levels of anti-oxidants called ‘flavanols’. The same anti-oxidant found in Green Tea and Red Wine. Anti-oxidants help rid the body of free radicals. Anti-oxidants attach to free radicals and carry them into the body through digestion and other means. Dark Chocolate has one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants as compared to Prunes, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raisins, Strawberries, Spinach even Broccoli (Source: Data from US Department of Agriculture and the Journal of the American Chemical Society). Chocolate also contains stearic acid which increases levels of HDL – the ‘good’ cholesterol.

Research is being conducted to show that flavanols, present in dark chocolate can help reduce the risk of auto immune diseases such as arthritis. Cocoa is being used for cancer research as well.

Much is being said about the adverse effects of chocolate, but as we see from above, it is in fact a not-so-guilty pleasure 

Lotus chocolates provides for all your chocolate cravings, and after what we have learnt lately about chocolates, who can resist?
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