No more waiting!!

07 Dec

These are a few of my favourite things…. many adults today would remember the anticipation felt when waiting for someone to come from abroad with a suitcase full of foreign chocolates.  One would be waiting months, lie awake late nights waiting for their relatives to arrive so that they can devour the lovely treats. Slowly. Nibble by nibble, one would try to stretch the pleasure of eating these drops of heaven. Children back then would often eat one or even half a day and try to prolong the ecstasy in order to relish every morsel of it. One would often catch children hiding these chocolates under their beds or deep inside their study tables so that their siblings, sometimes even parents would not find it!

Though we have always had home grown and domestic chocolates, their imported counterparts were considered superior in every aspect being considered. They were beautifully sculptured; the aroma was unique and mostly importantly tasted like nothing in the world (wonderful). It came in different shapes and sizes and with many unique flavours and fillings. The reason being the superior and alternate knowledge, methodology and the technology these chocolate makers possessed. 

Having said that, today we need not wait any longer to get our hands on such a bar as it can be ordered online at

Lotus chocolates use state-of-the-art machinery and supreme quality cocoa to produce their world renowned chocolate products. Now in fact there are many customers from abroad order large gift packs from Lotus Chocolates.

Order your gift hamper today, this Festival season, at and bring a smile to those you love. Happy Holidays!


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